The Movie Jar

Welcome to one book nerd’s quest to spend the next decade watching the greatest films of the last century in a quest to become a better storyteller.

Trying to review 104 books and films in a year? What am I doing? I have no idea. I guess the saying shoot for the moon, and you might reach the stars went to my head. I signed up to the film website Letterboxd to keep track of what films I’ve watched and using the site reminds me of all the films I haven’t seen. I’m going to do a similar challenge to the 52 Book Challenge but for films. I’m going to place the names of top films of each decade for the last one hundred and ten years in a jar and pick two each week. I feel film has a lot to teach me about the creative process and storytelling in general. There are movies out there with incredibly well-written scripts. I would love to turn this series into a podcast one day but at the moment I can only afford the hosting for one podcast this year after paying for this site and my podcasting equipment. I guess for now I can write the reviews for my blog, along with book reviews. If I’d get around to stopping playing Rimworld to actually read my first book for the year… yikes. I know productive is not what I’ve been during the first eleven days of the year but it can only get better right?

A link to my Letterboxed Profile in case you missed it above, seriously feel free to add me as a friend is this idea interests you as you will get a notification when I post a new review. I will post there and on this site at the same time but as this site is still a work in progress and my first site a schedule and alerting people when I post are still something I’m figuring out. I will link the movies listed below to their reviews on the site once they are posted, think of the list below as a master list and this as it’s guide. I might have to split this page up one day and use dates and month headings linking to the film links but this page isn’t too long to start with.

The rules

  • I aim to watch and write a short review about at least 104 films each year
  • I average two movies a week
  • Must movies I haven’t seen or adult/teen movies I watched before 12
  • The reviews will be posted to my blog and on my Letterboxed account… maybe IMDB as well I haven’t decided.
  • I can include five newly released films per year in the challenge.
  • I will pull two movies a week out of a physical jar where I have placed the cut up list I spent days creating.
  • I can’t select new films until I have watched those I’ve already selected.
  • If I can’t access a film for under $15, then I can take it off the list

The Films:


1st – 19th

In Bruges (2008)

Little Women (2019)

The Circus (1928)

Stagecoach (1939)

Robocop (1987)

Gladiator (2000)

Heathers (1988)

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