Reading Challenge 2020

2 books a week = 104 books in a year. 2020 will be my third year aiming for this goal. In 2018 I read 93 books and 84 in 2019, I guess after blasting past the 52 book challenge in 2017 with 62 books.

Last year I think I overdid the idea of doing mini-challenges beside the main one. I’ve been a reader my entire life and should know my approach to books by now. I hate being told what to read when, even by myself. I can have lofty goals to read all the books I own or books that are supposed to improve my skills as a writer and reader better but I’m still going to read what I feel like reading. I need to stop trying to make something I love a chore with this goal of being a better writer. I love reading and that should be enough. Having a goal of reading one or two books a week is enough to make sure I take the time and read without putting to much pressure on myself. The goal of two books a week is enough for me to open a book rather than Reddit. This year I’m going to focus on reading just reading, instead of all these secondary goals.

The reviews I write based on the books I read probably won’t be written professionally because I have no idea how to write reviews but practice makes perfect right. The best way to learn is by doing and I will have an account of my thoughts regarding a book just after I finished reading it. I used the same logic to come up with my idea for The Movie Jar, where I watch the best films of all time and review them in a similar way. I’m working on my first two reviews in that series In Bruges (2008) and Little Women (2019). I’d like my first book of the year to be Little Women but I can make any promises even though I’ve got the book ready to start tonight. I really enjoyed seeing the film yesterday. I also have to pick a movie to see today from the movies I selected for this week.

I’ve never been good at keeping journals preferring to write about the fictional people I create inside my head but maybe I can write journals about books and film. One thing I love and another I’d like to see more of. Follow my challenge ‘live’ at my Goodreads page, so you know what to expect for upcoming reviews.

Review List

January 2020

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

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