Hartwright Vampires Chapter 1 – Viktor 1

“Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.”

Hartright, Australia
3rd of September 2012

The fork slipped from the human’s fingers. It hit the edge of the green table and landed on the floor with a clutter. The man looked down; his dark eyes fixed on to the fork. He took a deep breath in, and then slowly out. His eyes moved from the fork to meet Viktor’s. He pushed his chair back, tightly gripping the table as he stood. “There’s something wrong.” The man swayed for a few seconds, then went limp, unconscious before he hit the tiled floor.

Viktor looked out the window. No one was walking past. He picked up the fork and placed it on the table next to the plate. He dragged the man through the gap in the counter, down the hall and into the kitchen. He carefully laid the man on the floor and opened the tall metal cupboard at the back of the room before he lifted the man into the cupboard and locked it.

Viktor took a moment to straighten his clothing and retie his apron, then headed back to the shop front.

“I’m glad I caught you.”

Viktor looked at the other Vampire who was standing at the counter. He knew him from somewhere.

He noticed Viktor staring. “You look like you can’t put a face to a name. I’m Harrison Rivers, Ivy Silva’s fiancé. Perhaps you know me from the tabloids.”

“I know Ivy, through Simon,” Viktor said. “We must have met at one of their parties.”

“I guess that’s why Simon suggested I come here.”

“Simon Silva is my main investor,” Viktor said. Based on the look on Harrison’s face, he didn’t know the true extent of what that meant. Thankfully, he didn’t arrive five minutes earlier, or he might have caught Viktor, earning his keep. He wondered when Ivy’s beau would be let in on the Clan business.

“I’m here to ask for a favour. Our cake creator booked a double appointment and cannot make ours. We were told ‘fame can’t buy you everything’ when I offered to pay extra to have our cake on time.”

“Your weddings’ in a week, isn’t it?”

“I know it’s last minute. We’ll pay late fees, and you’re invited to the wedding as a favour because of the late notice.”

“I have a higher late notice fee for wedding cakes.” Viktor placed a form on the counter and handed Harrison a pen.

Harrison signed the bottom of the form without reading it and pushed it back towards Viktor.

“Aren’t you going to fill in the rest?” Viktor pointed out the section that asked the customer to write their requirements for the cake.

“I give you permission to make any cake you want, as long as it is a wedding cake.” Harrison wrote on the form as he spoke. “You are the cake decorator.” Harrison handed Viktor an envelope and walked away.

Harrison was at the door when he spoke again. “Someone’s left their briefcase behind.” He pointed to the table that belonged to the man Viktor had stowed out back. Viktor couldn’t say he wasn’t there, Harrison would be able to sense the man’s presence.

“He went to the bathroom. Just before you came in, he’s taking a while though, must be doing quite a shit.”

Harrison screwed up his face. “You have a nice day.” He opened the door and left.

Viktor walked to the door, flicked the lock and turned around the sign. The lilac envelope Harrison gave him held a lavender-scented invitation. An hour after sunset on Saturday. Viktor turned his attention to the form where Harrison had given him permission to turn up with any wedding cake he liked. Viktor smiled; he could stay closed all of Saturday and use this detail to his advantage.

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