The Southern Magicks Chapter 16: The New Job

The next morning I dressed in my only suit and met Grandfather in the front lobby of the Agency. It surprised me when Grandfather pressed the button for B1: A when we walked into the elevator. Were there offices in the basement or was he showing me something else? The hall we walked into was dark.
As Grandfather left the elevator, the motion lights flicked on with an electric buzz. The walls were lined with a dark wood panel and the floors worn chipped faded lino, had seen better days before I was even born. A directory and public toilet outside the elevator betrayed the level’s once-prosperous status. The floor was listed as B1: A ‘Living Magicks: Non-Flora/Fauna’. Before I looked at the names listed for each office, he chastised me for not following. I could hear folksy pop music in the hall as we passed the quiet offices. They had pinned the wooden double doors at the end of the hall open, and the room itself was an ample office space turned common room.
There were several people in the room, and most were talking in a single group while they downed a second coffee or tea. The workday hadn’t started for this department. We’d walked halfway across the room when Grandfather’s cell rang. He waved a finger at me, answered the phone and walked from the room. The instant he crossed the threshold, the other people in the room turned to look at me in unison.

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