The Small Town Horror (The Southern Magicks #1)

Stripped of making decisions at the small local library he works at Dexter is forced to do make work including training an assistant to do many of his old tasks and retrieve overdue books from patron’s houses. In one of these houses, he is faced with a repugnant scene that threatens to reveal his secret magical ability to see ghosts. In the process of escaping with his life, a whole magical community is exposed to Dexter who is co-opped into working in for the magical law enforcement run by his family. Dexter and his young niece and nephews’ are soon threatened by a man seeking a Medium to bring back his dead wife and child.

The Southern Magicks Chapter 28: Detective Milton

Previous CW: References to suicide. After five minutes of staring at the dark green wood panel door, I found the confidence to knock on it. The door opened instantly to an older woman with carefully groomed shoulder-length grey hair and a loose cream pant suit. Her brown eyes were hard behind her wireframed glasses as …

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The Southern Magicks Chapter 27: Dorian’s Journals

Previous Neither Cory nor Eli said a word as Eli grabbed my hand from Kat and led me to his car. Cory took Kat in hers. Eli’s knuckles were white against the steering wheel as he drove from the house, his face set in a hard expression. I pulled down the sunshade and examined my …

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The Southern Magicks Chapter 26: Escape From Thornton House

Previous CW: Implied Attempted Sexual Assault I had to warn Kat. She might get out if she was careful, if it was only an alarm I’d triggered. I slowly slid my phone out of my pocket. I almost let it slip from my sweaty, shaky fingers when I realised that I had no reception. Shit. …

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The Southern Magicks Chapter 24: Postmodern Sleuths

Previous Cory was already waiting when we pulled up in front of Kat’s house. He walked out of his car and leaned in the passenger window when I wound it down. “Morning,” Eli greeted from the driver’s seat, with a smirk. “Hey,” Cory responded. He looked out of the corner of his eye, over his …

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The Southern Magicks Chapter 21: Wrong

The idea behind the USB stick was simple. I’d copy the photos onto it, and I’d get caught by Cory. Everyone would think I had taken the pictures on the phone even though mine had its last bath around the same time. I would break the USB stick and give it to Cory when he caught me in the act. I hoped he hadn’t looked at the phone or given it to Lowe. I hadn’t seen him, which meant he had more important things to do than deal with my bullshit.
I smiled.
I wanted to piss him off.

The Small Town Horror (The Southern Magicks #1)

Dexter was trained in the magical art of Mediumship by his Gran who gave him an appreciation for the danger posed to those with rare magical abilities. Assuming that his friends and family are normal non-magical humans Dexter works to keep his secret from them. After a demon attack, he discovers that his hometown Dunn is the centre of a large and prosperous magical community. A community many of his closest family and friends have been part of his entire life. Now his secret is out in open Dexter must work for the magical law enforcement agency run by his family, learning the truth about what it means to be a Death Mage. Unable to get one ghost out of his head Dexter is drawn to solving her murder with journals of the detective initially tasked with solving the case.

The Southern Magicks Chapter 20: Questions

When I arrived at work, there was a printer, furniture catalogue and a pile of textbooks on my desk. In front of the furniture catalogue was a note from Grandfather, ‘pick something nice and get studying’. Below the sentence was a schedule for classes that didn’t start until July. They had pressed the restart button on the life I’d barely begun. Two months until I could start at the university. I hoped they didn’t expect me to sit here like a good little boy until then.
I sat down at the computer and turned it on. The last account signed in to the computer was now ccorvin. Cory had set up the printer. I logged into the computer and opened my email. The email from Cory was comprised of a single wink emoji and several attached forms relevant to writing a report about the exorcism of Nora Rowe. Forms that had to be handwritten. The directions document clarified that only printed forms filled with the worker’s own hand would be accepted. Beside my mouse was a fresh packet of pens.
I threw the furniture catalogue in the bin. The last thing I needed right now was my colleagues seeing me getting new furniture.
I was halfway through the forms and almost ready to get lunch when there was a knock at the door. “Come in.”“Dexter Lacy?”
I looked up. I had expected Cory, Grandfather or maybe Mason. The woman who had spoken looked straight at my face. It felt as though she was looking through me and into my soul, the blood had drained from her face. She blinked, in a second the look vanished back into hard professionalism that predated her years, she couldn’t have been older than forty. If pressed, I’d give her age as thirty-five the same as my eldest brother, Mason.
“You must be Dexter.”
Why had she asked a few seconds ago? “Must? I have a feeling you already know.”
She carefully sat down without breaking eye contact with me. “My name is Andrea Dominguez, and I am the Head Detective looking into the demon incident you were involved with.”

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