The Southern Magicks Chapter 19: Ode of All the Dumb Shit I Do

Out of all the dumb shit I did, this one was high on the list. After Cory left me at my car after an afternoon of shopping, I drove into town and parked behind the pub. Then walked into the pub and snuck out the back through the kitchen while something distracted the staff.
I walked from the pub towards Herald Park. Even though I had an excuse to be in the Town Hall, I knew I was being watched, and I didn’t want anyone to see me enter. I had the feeling Alexander Lowe worked for the Beckham Agency rather than Dunn, maybe even Nate Island directly. Lacy Senior, Grandfather and the other board members of the Agency who I was sure included Mayor Chesterfield’s father wouldn’t want him indicted on fraud charges. I was shaking by the time I reached the edge of Herald Park. There was a small wooden footbridge over the river hidden from view. I’d used it to go to the park and play cricket with Kat, her siblings and Ned while we waited for Grandfather to finish work. That had been before we learnt its sickly secrets. Back then we’d been clueless about why Aunt Olivia was spitting mad when she found out her children had been playing there.
I was alone in the dark park, but every step I took, I expected to come face to face with a knife-wielding ice addict.
I inserted the key in the lock and let myself in. I closed the door so quickly I almost caught myself in it. I’d still be welcome, right? I knew now there had to be magic guarding the place. A man like Lowe wouldn’t stay out because of a silly insignificant thing called ‘breaking and entering’ being illegal. I knew that he was the type to run around in a red ski mask, pushing Nate Island’s law on anyone who strayed across his path. I wondered when he’d approach me; now I could no longer help him.