Blood & Cupcakes (Hartwright Vampires #1)

In 2012 two quests for revenge intersect over an absurdly named, magical dagger. Viktor and Kip, join forces to end the Silva Clan’s plan to turn other vampires into addicts through tainted, illegal blood. In the process, they realise the targets of their revenge plots aren’t as separate as they first suspected.

In 1437 after an encounter with a vampire named, Leopold Barnett, Maria Lopez discovers a dark truth about her village. Plans for a magical weapon form as she grasps at the great future only her elder sister is promised.

Hartwright Vampires Chapter 5 – Kip 1

Previous Authors Note: This Chapter is set two weeks before the start of Chapter 1.  Kip’s opening chapters continue chronologically. Hartright, Australia 20th of August 2012 The smell of fresh paint and new carpet in the confined space of the elevator was suffocating. Kip held his ID card against the reader, counting the seconds it …

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Hartwright Vampires Chapter 4 – Viktor 4

Previous Muscle memory guided Viktor along the dirt path, to a secluded part of the Headland Gardens. Hartright’s number one tourist attraction was the only part of the city that lacked constant surveillance. Viktor sat down on the wooden bench, the ageing wood bowed under him, before it then returned to its original position. Emily …

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Hartwright Vampires Chapter 3 – Viktor 3

Previous Viktor looked up from his tablet, as he heard the bell above the door ring. When he saw who walked in, he looked back down. Her shoe heels clicked against the white oak floor. Viktor flicked his fingers across the tablet screen to see a picture of a different wedding cake. There’d be television …

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