Ashton Rose

The Southern Magicks Chapter 15: Deal

Grandfather looked me straight in the eyes and sighed. “Evelyn has been a thorn in my side for fifty-two years. I didn’t even know she existed until I married her best friend. Do you know why people didn’t like the Gerstle family practising Death Magic? Because it was forbidden magic until the ’80s. Even the magical community was superstitious and heavily religious until recently.” He tapped the desk with a finger. “It’s not illegal for those outside of the Mage community to learn magic, but they are not supposed to live in our communities. Your Gran broke that rule when she moved to Dunn with that boy toy of hers.”
I forced myself to meet his eyes and pooled my fear into anger. “I don’t understand what you’re saying. Are you telling me Gran has magic t-.” The words died in my mouth when I saw the look on his face. His features hardened. He pointed his finger at me. “I’m not fucking stupid, Dexter. No one is falling for this fucking crap anymore. I turned a blind eye for too long to avoid getting you and her in trouble, and it almost got you killed. No fucking more, I’m putting a leash on your neck and separating you from her influence. I should have done it the first moment I suspected… I just wanted one of my grandkids to live a normal, safe life, without the danger of magic constantly bearing down on them.”
“Forced to be normal. How is that fair?”

The Southern Magicks Chapter 14: Aftermath

After a long sleepless night, I went back to the house to have a quick shower. It was my first day of work since my accident and Eli had used he’s only moments of coherency since the accident to tell me to go to work. Once Cynthia noticed he was awake, she gave him a potion that put him back to sleep.
Main Street was the busiest I’d ever seen it on a Thursday morning as I pulled into my reserved spot behind the town hall. I walked down the street around the edge barricade that surrounded Centre Park and part of Main Street. People milled about pretending not to gawk at the spectacle. I heard whispers about the whole town centre being blocked off until six as I walked towards Short Street. The ghostly girl’s place in the curb un-naturally cold an empty as I passed on the opposite side of the street. I froze, and half turned to look at the place where she would typically be stepping backward and straight into the man walking behind me. I heard glass break after I felt him crash into me, the air knocked from his lungs.

The Southern Magicks Chapter 13: The Other Side of the Curtain

Viola looked ready to yank me from the car until she saw the blood on my face. “Get him in the back, and hop in the passager seat.” I helped Eli’s parents move him from the passager seat to lie on the back seat. Head in Cynthia’s lap and feet on Burton’s. The moment they were settled, Cynthia began to use her magic on Eli, one hand in Burton’s, the other hovering over on Eli’s battered body.
“Stop gawking and come on,” Viola said.
We left the rest of the family to follow in another car. Hopefully, the group wouldn’t ambush us. Could they know what our next move would be? We turned north onto the main road, and she hit the gas. Forget those Fuckers the cops were going to pull us over first.

The Southern Magicks Chapter 12: The Tools Available

My teeth clicked together as my chin took the brunt of the fall smashing against the bitumen. I ignored the warm trickle of blood that ran down my chin, and I lifted my head up. I head a rumbling sigh from the woman next to me. She took a step towards me. “You were told to sit still and shut up. You’re going back in that car.”
“No.” There was blood dripping from my mouth. Fuck, in a panicked movement, I ran my tongue over each of my teeth, checking the stability of each one.
“Get back in the car before you hurt yourself. Our quarrel isn’t with you; we have no desire to bring an innocent civilian into this.” She and a man pulled me from the ground.
“Innocents Civilian? You’re criminals.”
She laughed. “Is that what he told you?”
“No.” Without meaning to I looked behind the car down the street towards the intersection of Main and Short, the fuzzy, frame flickered under the dark edge of the street lamp. My dazed mind had lost its grip on myself imposed filter.

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