Ashton K. Rose (She/They) is an author who writes Australian paranormal, urban fantasy and mystery fiction filled with LGBTQIA+ characters.

Ashton currently lives in sunny Queensland able to enjoy the best of the Australian bush and beach. Enjoying the city that inspired Hartwright, from the Hartwright Vampires Series.

Ashton spent her first fourteen years being raised on a remote farm shaped around the remains of an old mining town. Surrounded by the skeletons of past lives and their matching ghost stories, Ashton developed a love for fantasy, horror, and dark fairy tales from a young age.

Carrying a love of ghost stories into adulthood Ashton started writing novels about magic, vampires and ghosts. Ashton decided to set The Southern Magicks in a world heavily inspired by the backdrop of the Australia bush/beach and the speculative fiction Ashton has consumed over a lifetime.

Ashton started their writing journey by publishing the stories The Southern Magicks and Hartright Vampires as web novels.

You can support my writing through Patreon and Ko-Fi:

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