Month: November 2020

The Southern Magicks Chapter 33: Dr Bailey

I looked at the camera slot of the doorbell. How much surveillance did she have? Had she heard our conversation before? I knew it was naïve to assume she couldn’t have; with the right spell she’d have heard. What kind of biological magic did she practice? I imagined my decaying corpse being devoured by flesh-eating scavengers under her control. ‘They’d never find enough evidence’.

The Southern Magicks Chapter 32: One Creepy Day

Cory walked into my office without knocking and placed a pile of red cardboard boxes on my desk. A careful look in the boxes and I realised they contained filled manila folders. “The higher ups have decided that you’ll learn by doing.”
“Doing what?”
“Cleaning up.” Cory opened the top box.
“These are?”
“Cases given to you, and by extension, me. Mostly manifestations people created with their very own brain boxes. I grabbed the easy ones because neither of us is fully trained to handle this.”
“You mean urban legends people thought into existence?”

The Southern Magicks Chapter 31: And…

Previous “There’s someone coming,” Cory whispered. “How can you tell?” I said. “Close your eyes and focus on the part of you that you use to sense ghosts. Mentally roll it in a ball, understand how it works. How it feels and how your mind and body respond to it.” I closed my eyes and …

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