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How do you prove your innocence when you don’t even remember whether you did it or not?

After a demon attack reveals Dexter’s secret – that his Gran taught him magic – the twenty-three-year-old librarian is forced to work for the local magical law enforcement agency in order to prove his loyalty, and hopefully save his grandmother from execution.

However, when someone tries to frame him for crimes he doesn’t remember committing, Dexter realizes he’ll have to start an investigation of his own. Joined by his beloved husband Eli, their best friend June, and his journalist cousin Kat, he desperately tries to prove his innocence…which is kind of difficult when gaps in his memory make him doubt everything he thinks he knows about himself.

The race against time begins. Can Dexter and his team uncover the criminals weaving the web of guilt around him before it’s too late, or is he going to lose everything and everyone he cares about?


‘The Southern Magicks’ is a small-town paranormal urban fantasy/mystery series with a with M/M/Non-Binary menage romantic subplot. For fans of “The Dresden Files”, “Rivers of London”, “Southern Vampire Mysteries”, “Alex Verus”, and “The Laundry Files” who enjoy LGBTQ+ characters and stories.




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About the Author

Ashton K. Rose (aka Geek_Aflame)

Ashton K. Rose (They/Them) is a Queer author who writes Australian paranormal, urban fantasy and mystery fiction filled with LGBTQIA+ characters.

Ashton currently lives in sunny Queensland able to enjoy the best of the Australian bush and beach. Enjoying the city that inspired Hartwright, from the Hartwright Vampires Series.

Ashton spent their first fourteen years being raised on a remote farm shaped around the remains of an old mining town. Surrounded by the skeletons of past lives and their matching ghost stories, Ashton developed a love for fantasy, horror, and dark fairy tales from a young age.

Carrying a love of ghost stories into adulthood Ashton started writing novels about magic, vampires and ghosts. Ashton decided to set The Southern Magicks in a world heavily inspired by the backdrop of the Australia bush/beach and the speculative fiction Ashton has consumed over a lifetime.


Newest Release

The Southern Magicks
(Book One of The Southern Magicks Series)

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In the midst of a daze, a necromancer tries to dig deep into the fog of his mind and retrieve the truth… before it’s too late.

I knew there was something I forgot…

When I grew up, I walked away from magic. Left my remote hometown and pretended the ghosts Gran taught me to see weren’t there while I went to university to become a librarian.

Our one secret tightly held to my heart.

Never let them know!

Two years later, with no other financial option, I moved back to my small hometown.

It was easy to pretend the fuzzy gaps in my memory weren’t there as I got a job under the strict woman who almost killed my childhood love of books.

I thought everything was perfect when I married my dream guy.

A month ago, a demon tore the thin veneer of a normal life I’d crafted apart when it almost killed me. Revealing my husband, Eli as the prodigal son of a powerful magic family. The good folks at the local magical law enforcement agency knew about me the whole time.

They’ve pressured me to work for them as an exorcist because they’re convinced, I was a vigilante that committed multiple murders. My odd, intriguing mentor Cory watching for any misstep, as I avoid the seduction attempt, he’s been asked to perform.

Now they’ve accused my estranged older brother of taking over my “crimes” I know I was framed, despite the gaps in my memory.

The worst part!

The only people who seem to believe me are my friend June and my journalist cousin Kat.

Eli filled with spite for the local magical rulers, seems to know something I DON’T and thinks I should play them at their own game and seduce my mentor, so we can interrogate him together…

The buy now button takes you to a universal Books2Read link which shows all the stores my book is available at. Some of these links are Affiliate Links, which allow me to earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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